GM V8 8.2 L

502 CID

425 Horsepower V8 Marine Base Engine

Displacement 8.2L (502 cid)

Cylinders V8

Propshaft HP 425 (317 kw)

Operating RPM 4300-4600 rpm

Bore 4.47 in.

Stroke 4.00 in.

Compression 8.75:1

Engine Rotation Left & Right Hand


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• Engine is shipped with High-rise intake manifold.

• Cylinder head features sintered powdered-metal exhaust valve seat inserts for durability.

• Cylinder head features an open combustion chamber with high-velocity, high torque ports and canted valves for excellent performance.

• Connecting rods are forged from 4340 SAE steel (shot-peened and magnafluxed) and use 7/16" large diameter connecting rod bolts.

• Crankshaft is forged from 1053 SAE steel with ground fillets and nitrided bearing journals for durability.

• High-silicon forged aluminum pistons for strength.

• Heavy-duty marine camshaft with hydraulic roller valve lifters provides maximum performance.

• Superior engine sealing system features one-piece viton rear main seal, one-piece oil pan gasket and O-ring rubber rocker arm cover gasket. Engine also features a composite graphite cylinder head gasket.

• Common rear face on all GM marine engines for easy hook-up with housing.